Anke Himmelreich

〚Linguist @ Goethe University Frankfurt, Institute for Linguistics〛

About me

I am a theoretical syntactician currently employed at the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. I received my PhD at Leipzig University (Supervisors: Gereon Müller and Fabian Heck) in 2017.

Research interests

  • formal grammar
  • syntax
  • syntax-morphology interface
  • syntactic agreement
  • syntactic movement
  • experimental methods
(picture by S.O. Acheampong)

DFG-project ''The VP-periphery in Mabia languages''

Current position: Postdoc (50%), since October 2021

The overarching goal of the project is to investigate the VP-periphery of the Mabia languages, especially the syntax and semantics of the particles in this domain in interaction with other aspects of the verbal morphology. The project has three main research areas: the function and interpretation of the VP-peripheral particles, the syntax of the VP-periphery, in-situ focus.

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Katharina Hartmann


Goethe University Frankfurt, Institute for Linguistics

Current position: Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin (50%), since October 2021

I am employed at the chair for Syntax held by Prof. Dr. Katharina Hartmann.

Current course: Programming for Linguists (winter term 23/24)